People spend up to one-third of their lives in bed, so proper cleaning and care for mattresses and bedding is a significant and worthwhile. This need is amplified after suffering a bedbug outbreak! After fumigating for bed bugs using one of Bed Bugs Gone By U rentable thermogenic bed bug heaters, your mattress and bedding will be 100% cleared of any active bed bugs and bed bug eggs. However, you will still need to clean away the carcasses and residual bedbug dander.

Continue reading to learn how to clean your mattresses and bedding after getting rid of bed bugs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Indianapolis Indiana 317-665-8229
Get Rid of Bed Bugs Indianapolis Indiana 317-665-8229

Bedbug Mattress and Bedding Cleanup

Proper mattress and bed cleaning after bedbugs will increase your overall comfort and peace of mind, but more importantly, prevent a list of health issues and save a ton of money. After all, everyone wants a clean and sanitary place to lay their heads at night. Really, who can get a good night’s sleep knowing their bedding or mattress is covered in dead ectoparasites?

Here is how to clean your mattress and bedding after a bedbug infestation, plus how to keep them clean to ward off future bed bug outbreaks:

Mattress Flipping and Rotating

It is recommended to completely discard a mattress after 8 years. But before that time is up, it is important to regularly flip mattresses onto their other side. On top of flipping a mattress to its other side, it is helpful to rotate it as well, from headboard to foot. There are a few reasons why these practices are important and helpful. The most common benefit from mattress flipping and rotating is that it maintains even weight distribution and reduces indentations and lumps. It is suggested to flip and rotate mattresses at the end of every season.

Mattress Protection

Use mattress pads to protect mattresses from soaking up moisture, spills, and accidents. If fluids are not soaked up and cleaned thoroughly, mold and bacteria can begin to form. Inhalation of mold spores and bacteria can cause respiratory complications and other health issues. Vinyl mattress covers, pillowcases, and sheets are another great idea for extended mattress and bedding protection.


Yes, you should vacuum your mattresses every season! Do this at the same time you flip and rotate them. Vacuuming eliminates any loose dirt, debris, and dust, leaving mattresses fresh and clean. Food crumbs, dead skin, dust, and more can accumulate in mattresses over time. Not only does this irritate allergies and cause respiratory issues, it attracts insects and other organic pests like mold and bacteria. A simple vacuum to the sides and surfaces of a mattress can avoid this kind of accumulation and reduce indoor allergens like dust, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and more.


It is vital to wash all sheets, pillowcases, comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads, and blankets on a routine basis. Things like mattress pads and comforters can be laundered at the end of every season when you flip, rotate, and vacuum mattresses. All other bedding mentioned should be washed in clean hot water, with proper detergent, once a week. More so for homes with small children. This cleans dirt, sweat, saliva, skin flakes, dust, and more from bedding so we sleep in a healthy and comfortable bed.

Commercial Properties

Following a bedbug infestation, cleaning mattresses and bedding must be done properly, especially for commercial venues like hotels, Airbnb, vacation rentals, and more. In fact, for commercial properties, the same bedbug cleaning rules apply when it comes to furniture upholstery and curtains as well.

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