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Really, few people want to consider or discuss the issues that surround bed bugs. Starting as a simple nursery rhyme when a child, bed bugs are often overlooked. So why are bed bugs getting so much attention? Maybe you think that an infestation cannot happen to you, but there has been over a 700% increase in infestations over the past few years, with the likelihood of an increase in their spread in the future. In addition, our revolutionary heat treatment will also kill lice and other household pests. Win-Win!

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There are many options for treatment when it comes to bed bugs, but few have a guaranteed efficiency. We know from first-hand experiences how truly awful bed bugs can be, which is why we utilize proactive heat treatments, we rid your space of bed bug infestations quickly and well.

Our treatments at Bed Bugs Gone By U, produce revolutionary results with easy DIY techniques perfect for you! These treatments perform well because our methods are effective and easy for you. Heat treatments are well known for their capabilities when it comes to eliminating bed bugs, as their whole life cycle can be eradicated with one treatment. We provide heaters for you to rent that are of the best quality, and have been used successfully by the finest bed bug experts! Our heaters work by raising the temperature in the infested area. Rising to a deadly level of heat, 135 degrees to be precise, the treatment ensures success by maintaining the level of heat until all bed bugs from egg to adult are eliminated. Plus, heat will also kill other hard to eliminate insects, such as lice.

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As flat small insects who prey on warm-blooded mammals, bed bugs are particularly dangerous to humans. Beginning life as minuscule eggs, and growing through five stages of development, bed bugs continue to feast on human blood throughout their lives and cause countless problems. Maturing through the developmental process can take a while, but in a favorable environment, they will mature in roughly a month.







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