Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem, and if you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home, you may be considering DIY heat treatments as part of the solution. Heat is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs, but it can also be dangerous if not done properly. That’s why it’s important to understand what you need to know before attempting any type of DIY bed bug treatment.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of heat treatments for bed bugs and provide tips on how to safely use a rented bedbug heater when treating your home for these pests. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about DIY bed bug heat treatments so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this method is right for you. Continue below to get started!

Call 317-665-8229 for Bed Bug Heater Rentals in Indiana.
Call 317-665-8229 for Bed Bug Heater Rentals in Indiana.

How to Rent and Use a Bed Bug Heater System

❶ Rent a Bed Bug Heating System

First, you’ll need to rent a bed bug heater. They are delivered right to your front door. There are several models available on the market, and the type of heater you choose will depend largely on how large your home is and how severe the infestation is. When renting a bed bug heater, make sure that it has enough power to be effective in treating your home—most bed bug heaters range from 50-100 kW depending on their size.

❷ Prepare Your Space for Extermination

Once you’ve rented a bed bug heater, you’ll need to prepare your home for the treatment. This includes removing any items that could create fire hazards during the process (such as curtains or drapes), thoroughly vacuuming all surfaces in each room, and making sure that all windows, doors, and vents are tightly sealed. You should also make sure to disconnect any electrical appliances that could be damaged by the heat, as well as turn off your central air conditioning system to prevent it from cooling down the room too quickly.

❸ Power on the Thermal Heater

After you have prepared your home for the bed bug heat treatment, you’ll need to set up and use the heater according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to keep a close eye on the temperature so that it doesn’t exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit (which is considered optimal for killing bed bugs). Keep in mind that this process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days—depending on how severe the infestation is and where it’s located.

❹ Perform a Detailed Inspection

Finally, after completing the treatment, be sure to thoroughly inspect your home for any remaining bed bugs. You may need to repeat the treatment if there are still insects present, so make sure to follow up with regular inspection and treatments until you’re confident that the infestation has been eradicated.

You Can Finally Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Discretion!

We hope this blog post gave you a better understanding of the basics of heat treatments for bed bugs. If you think DIY bed bug heat treatments are right for you, be sure to rent your bed bug heater from a reputable source, thoroughly prepare your home before beginning, and monitor the temperature during the process to ensure it meets optimal conditions for killing these pests.

Are you prepared to eliminate bed bugs with our Eco-friendly, heat treatment solution? Contact Bed Bugs Gone By U at 317-665-8229 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable office manager who can help you select the right bed bug heater rental for your home or office! You can also make complete your entire order directly from our website!

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