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Do bed bugs plague your home or business? Have unusual bites been appearing on your clients or family? We have a speedy and straightforward solution to free you from bed bugs’ grasp! Bed bugs gone by u utilizes heat treatments that are the most successful, quickest, and dependable cure for your infestation forever! No need to worry about the bugs returning, as we get all of them the first time and provide you with the knowledge to protect you from future bed bug issues!
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Heat Treatments will kill the entire bed bug life cycle, even the eggs!!!

If Bed Bugs are haunting you… let us help! For more information on How to Kill Bed Bugs with heat, please watch our DIY Video, brought to you by Convectex. Review the rental packages we offer and then give us a call to rent your equipment today! We can provide the equipment and training to eradicate your bed bug home invasion! This can be a Do It Yourself project and you will save money!

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